TNT is an abbreviation for Turner Network Television. It is owned by Turner Broadcasting System. The channel was originally created to broadcast spillover shows from TBS. The shows usually consisted of classic films and old TV shows. However, starting in 2001, the channel began broadcasting serials, feature films, and other shows focusing mainly on drama. Later professional sporting events were also included such as NBA basketball games and the Professional Golfers Association of America’s golf games. The channel is available in over 94.259 million households making up around 81% of homes in the America.

Channel Sports Games Streamed Free Trial HD Stream Cable Required iOS App Android App
NBA, MLB games, PGA golf games, NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball, and UEFA Champions League Yes, with Sling/DTVN Yes Yes, except with Sling/DTVN No No

Watch TNT Without Cable

Regular pay-tv can be a hassle for many people who are required to pay several months in advance. Online streaming services like Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW does away with the need for a long-term commitment and does not need a television either. Both services stream via their apps for various smart devices like those running iOS and Android operating systems. Plus starting at $20 and $35 respectively with TNT being part of the core package of both services it’s a lot cheaper than regular cable.

You can try either service using the links below:

Sling (7 Days Free) DIRECTV NOW (7 Days Free)

Streaming TNT Online Live via a Web Browser

TNT does not have a dedicated app yet. Though it is possible to stream TNT via a web browser but it’s only for subscribers to the channel. Plus, your web browser will need to have the ‘Flash Player’ plugin installed.

Sports Streamed on TNT

TNT streams a few sports shows and events including those of the NBA; a few MLB games usually overflow games, PGA golf games, NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball, and UEFA Champions League.