NFL RedZone is a special game day exclusive owned by the NFL Network. NFL RedZone is broadcast every Sunday during the regular season from 1 pm to 8 pm EST. The show provides a complete rundown/coverage of all the games played on Sunday afternoon and those in progress on Fox and CBS. Scott Hanson hosts the show, and it airs without commercials. It is a show touted for showing every minute of the game.

Show Methods of Streaming Free Trial HD Stream Cable Required iOS App Android App
NFL Network, Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW Yes, with Sling/DTVN Yes Yes, except with Sling/DTVN No No

Watch NFL RedZone Without Cable

The NFL RedZone is available via most cable service providers. However, many online streaming services also offer the show. Services like DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV both live stream the Red Zone. Both services stream the NFL Network as well. A Sling TV subscription starts at $20 a month and DIRECTV NOW will set you back $35 a month. Unlike regular pay-tv, you’re not expected to make a long-term commitment, and it’s possible to unsubscribe at any time.

You can try out both services for free using the links below:

Sling (7 Days Free) DIRECTV NOW (7 Days Free)

Streaming NFL RedZone With the Official App

NFL RedZone does not have an official app. However, it’s possible to stream via the NFL Network’s app, but that’s only for subscribers. People who are not subscribers will not be able to log-in to the app to stream the show.

Are There Any Other Methods of Streaming NFL RedZone?

The NFL RedZone used to be exclusive to just cable services until just a year ago. However, even today it is restricted to a few streaming services. We will keep you updated if any new methods of streaming the show surface in the near future.